Student Voice

The OFIN School has listened to my needs and tailored a program to suit me. My teacher has ade the process of learning Japanese a fun and interesting one, with a balance of reading and speaking practice, as well as everyday conversation and cultural discussions.
As a lover of Japanese food but frustrated when trying to read menus or recipes, my teacher came up with a practical solution which has enabled me to leanr kanji and gather new food ideas at the same time. Every week we work our way through recipes in a Japanese cook book, making dinners at home more interesting, buying food in the supermarket easier and ordering food in restaurants more achievable!

"What I like about Ofin?
Convenience, flexibility and clever teaching. The teachers speak English and are able to explain well. After all without understanding there is no real leaning."

The lessons with OFIN are always something to look forward to. My teacher is supportive and has adjusted the schedule and learning material to my needs. After 10 weeks of my study, I am increasingly confident in every day situations where my Japanese is needed, and having learnt kana is so useful, especially for buying groceries. I wonder how much more will open up to me now that kanji is underway!

The Japanese service at OFIN are world class. Where I come from people do not learn second languages, in all my years growing up in a small town near Minneapolis, Minnesota I never thought that I would be learning Japanese.Now I am learning to navigate through Tokyo, asking merchants questions, and even having short conversations with my wife's family. Learning Japanese is making me understand my surroundings in Tokyo and allowing me to explore a new culture.The exciting part is I am learning from a teacher who has been teaching for slightly more the twenty years, this gives me confidence knowing I am learning from the best.

I have been taking weekly lessons with OFIN to learn spoken Japanese and kanji. My first objective is to revive my dormant university Japanese from the 90s. Beyond that, sufficient skill should give me confidence to participate in conversation both at work and leisure. with the help of OFIN's teacher, a little more practice and commitment to do homework, this is becoming possible!

Since the past six months, I've been squeezing almost all Japanese's costumes, but wearing Kimono made me feel I somehow belonged here. The first half an hour -or more- I was introduced to the kimono types, designs, fabrics and accessories, just as brides are with their designers! The next step moved to the japanese room, were six kimonos were exposed! While deciding which one I was to wear, my fiance, beside me, didn't miss any opportunity to take photos. Once I chose "the one", my shodo sensees also, started dressing me up for about an hour! Beauty to see, hard to wear though! There were like three layers of clothes holding very tight so that the last ones don't fall down. Then, the obi made the kimono alive. So nice from every side! But nicer was when my sensees told me "this kimono is happy now because you are wearing it!" Those things Japanese people have... the love and respect for their culture which make us learn so much of them!